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Road Runner Bass Club Minutes

July 6, 2016

(Creole Restaurant)

$5.00 Baked Spaghetti & Smothered Pork Chop dinner provided by Creole Restaurant

Meeting Called to order at 7:15. Secretary Jeff Bourgeois presiding.

Treasurer Report

Jeff Bourgeois gave report in Devin Roussel’s absence.

Club Balance $4758.45

The club sent flowers to the funerals of Andy’s mother-in-law and Sonny’s mother. Also a donation by the club was sent to St. Vincent in honor of Andrew’s mother.

Secretary Report

Jeff Bourgeois

June Minutes

Motioned by Chris to not read June’s minutes.

Seconded By Ledaine

Motion accepted

June Results

3rd place Toe & Devin 12.33lbs

2nd place Lionel & Coach 13.28lbs

1st place Zane & Tommy 13.84lbs

Big Bass Brent Rome 2.63lbs

Big Bass Funds

Fund #1 $200.00 5.9lbs

Fund#2 $70.00 6lbs

In Devin’s absence payouts for June will be made at the August meeting.

Old Business

Jeff presented Toe with his 2015 club jacket. Toe finished third overall in last year’s annual standings and opted for the jacket award.

Toledo Bend

April 6 & 7, 2017.

New Business

The St. Michael Open Tournament will be held Saturday, October 1, 2016. Check-in and launch will be 5-6am at Doiron’s Landing with a 3pm weigh-in the St. Michael Church Festival. Boat fee is set at $200.00 with a 70% payout.

Tommy showed the club two samples of fishing jerseys long and short sleeve types from Mickey St. Pierre. Mickey would customize jerseys with our club logo, angler’s name and sponsors of your choice for $45.00 with a minimum order of 6 jerseys. If anyone is interested in ordering one please see Tommy who is organizing an order at the conclusion of tonight’s meeting.

Jeff opened floor for launch site nominations and area fishing reports.

Nominated by Site Votes/runoff

Tommy Spillway Public Landing 5

Goat Adams Landing Either Side 4

July Pairings

July 23rd

Tyler & Jeff R.

Colby & Zane

Goat & Toe


July 30th

Wayne & Mitchell

Mike & Peppy

Lionel & Jude

Coach & Devin

Benny & Tommy

Ethan & Jody

Arthur & Pee Wee

Road Runner Bass Club Minutes

June 1, 2016 Meeting

(Creole Restaurant)

$5.00 Spaghetti & Meat dinner provided by the Creole Restaurant.

Meeting called to order at 7:15. Vice President Sony Zeringue presiding.

Treasurer Report given by Devin Roussel.

Club Balance $3750.00

Secretary Report by Jeff Bourgeois

May 4th’s minutes read.

Tommy B asked if those with outstanding club debts would be allowed to fish the June tournament? Sonny stated everyone would be allowed to participate and that Devin would discreetly call each member to discuss what is owed.

Motion to accept minutes by Devin.

2nd by Toe

May Results

3rd place Devin & Goat 8.95lbs

2nd place Peppy & Tyler 9.36lbs

1st place Mike & Coach 17.22lbs

Big Bass Devin 4.07lbs

Old Business


New Business

Tommy said another club has reached out to participate in the top 6 Tournament this December. Making the competition a 4-club event.

Sonny introduced Ethan Louque, Jude St. Pierre & Brent Rome to the club. They will fish as guest for two tournaments at $30.00 per tournament. Then the club will vote on their membership. Their pro rated fee will be $87.50.

Coach announced that Lutcher High School is starting a Bass Club. They are seeking Boat Captains, Sponsors and Door Prizes for upcoming events. Please contact Coach if anyone is interested in getting involved.

Sonny opened the floor for June launch site nominations and reports.

Nominated By Launch Votes/Runoff

Mitchell Bob’s Bayou Black 4

Benny Spillway Public Landing 0

Tommy Doiron’s Landing Either Side 9

Sonny reminded everyone of the 2pm weigh-in for June, July & August Tournaments.


Non-boaters for June are: Jon, Tyler, Jude, Devin, Coach & Sonny

June 18

Lionel & Coach

Steven & Ethan

Jody & Mitchell

June 25

Toe & Devin

Chris & Jon

Faron & Jude

PeeWee & Tyler

Ledaine & Sonny

Arthur & Brent R.

Zane & Tommy

Benny & Andrew

Goat & Peppy

Wade & Brent L.

Jeff R. Mike


Roadrunner Bass Club

May 4, 2016 Minutes

(Creole Restaurant)

President Arthur called meeting to order at 7:00.

The Creole restaurant provided a red bean dinner for mtg.

Treasurer Report by Devin.

Club balance after Toledo Bend expenses stands at $1,679.00

Secretary Minutes:

Ricky motioned to skip the reading of the March and Toledo Bend Minutes.

Seconded by Sonny.

Old Business

April’s Toledo Bend Tournament Results:

4th Place Chris & Zane 47.95lbs

3rd Place Jody & Wade 53.74lbs

2nd Place Doug & Lionel 60.81lbs

1st Place Ricky & Jeff 61.21lbs

1st Day Big Bass Jody 8.32lbs

2nd Day Big Bass & Big Bass Fund #1 Jon 8.89lbs

Notes of interest:

Jody weighed an 8lb fish both days.

Four 8lb fish were weighed during the tournament.

Seven 5lbs fish were weighed for the daily Big Bass contest prior to the tournament.

Four 18lbs Plus stringers were brought to the scales for the tournament.

Arthur called for vote on Steven Leblanc’s membership.

Steven voted in unanimously

Arthur reminded members to have all outstanding dues and Toledo Bend’s balances paid by the June 1st mtg.

New Business

Arthur open floor for May’s launch site nominations:

Nomination By Site Votes/Runoff

Jeff R. Des Allemands Bridge 12

Tyler Bobs Bayou Black 4

Toe Kramer Public 2

Benny Segnette 0

May Parings

May 14 May 21

Jon & Sonny Ricky & Zane

Brent & Pee Wee Coach & Mike

Chris & Lionel Steven & Wade

Colby & Ledaine Devin & Goat

Jeff R & Toe Doug & Jody

Arthur & Mitchell

Wayne & Benny

Andy & Tommy


Roadrunner Bass Club

April 6, 2016 Meeting


Meeting called to order by President Arthur Murry at 7pm under the Bridge Bay Resort pavilion.

Arthur opened floor for nominations for the 2017 Toledo Bend dates:

Nominated by Date Votes

Ledaine March 19-25, 2017 5

Jon April 2-8, 2017 13

Devin and Arthur booked 8 cabins with Bridge Bay for 2017’s Trip Apr. 2-8

Arthur opened floor nominations tournament weigh-in for Thursday, Apr. 7:

Nominated By Times Votes

Ledaine 8pm 21

Wayne 7pm 3

Thursday Apr7th leave launch at safe light return to cabins by 8pm.

Arthur opened floor nominations tournament weigh-in for Friday, Apr. 8:

Nominated By Times Votes

Ricky 6pm 3

Droopy 8pm 19

Jody 7pm 4

Benny 8:30pm 0

Friday Apr. 8th leave launch at safe light return to cabins by 8pm.

Tournament Fee of $25.00 was unanimously accepted.

Club Big Bass Fund currently stands at 4.9lbs.

Roadrunner Bass Club

March 2, 2016

Minutes (Creole House Restaurant)

Red Beans & Deer Sausage (Served Prepared and Donated by Goat & Peppy)

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm by President Arthur Murry.

Treasurer Report by Devin Roussel

  • Club checking account is order and checks can me written.

  • Club account balance roughly stands at $4600.00

Feb. Results

3rd Place Benny & Lionel 31.83lbs

2nd Place Wayne & Ledaine 33.17lbs

1st Place PeeWee & Toe 35.08lbs

Big Bass PeeWee 4.85lbs

Big Bass Fund #1 $200.00 5.1lbs

Big Bass Fund#2 $200.00 6.0lbs

Old Business

Zane Leblanc and Tyler Lacombe were unanimously voted into club.

Colby introduced Steven LeBlanc who is seeking club membership. He will begin fishing as a guest this March and in the club’s April Toledo Bend Tournament with Colby.

Tommy gave stats of the MS Tournament.

Toledo Bend April 3-9, 2016

Tournament Date 7&8

The club has 7 cabins booked for this Toledo Bend trip. We will occupy cabins 10-17.

Club will provide a Jambalaya dinner Tuesday night. Cooked by Arthur Murry.

Weigh-in will close at 7pm for the daily big bass contest.

Toledo bend meeting will begin at 7pm Wednesday April 6th on the agenda:

  • Tournament fee

  • Take-off and weight times for both days

  • Set the 2017 Toledo Bend dates

New Business

Nominations For March Tournament

Launch Site Nominated By Votes/Runoff

Blind River Benny 2

Adams Jeff R 12

Gaudets Jamie 2

Bayou Black Tommy 4

March Parings

March 12 March 19

Steven & Droopy Jon & Lionel

Jody & Andrew Devin & Jamie

Coach & Faron Tyler & Mike

Zane & Benny Wayne & Pee Wee

Sonny & Goat Toe & Tommy

Ricky & Arthur

Andy & Ledaine

Doug & Jeff R

Peppy & Wade

Roadrunner Bass Club

February 3, 2016


Peppy and Tommy prepared a red bean & deer sausage dinner for meeting.

Meeting called to order at 7:40pm by President Arthur Murry.

Treasurer Report

  • Devin and Arthur are having problems with transferring and operating the club’s checking account.

  • Arthur and Devin are currently working with the bank’s request for tax ID numbers and other required documents to get the account up and running again.

  • No deposits or payouts can occur until the account is functioning again.

Secretary Report

  • January 6th’s minutes read by Secretary Pee Wee.

  • Motion to accept the minutes as read by Coach

  • Seconded by Wayne

Jan. Results

  • 3rd place Tommy & Lionel 16.04lbs

  • 2nd place Sonny & Zane 17.35lbs

  • 1st place Peppy & Coach 22.27lbs

  • Big Bass Peppy 3.94lbs

  • Big Bass Fund #1/stands at $200.00 / 5.1lbs

  • Big Bass Fund #2/ stands at $200.00 / 6lbs

Old Business

  • Toledo Bend Notes

    • Club’s annual trip is for April 3-9, 2016 / Tournament is April 7th&8th

    • Devin will begin collecting for the daily big bass contest at next month’s mtg. Its $2.00 per day per person.

    • All club members attending this year’s trip must be paired by the March mtg.

    • An official club drawing will occur at the March mtg. if club members still have not paired.

    • The club currently has 7 cabins booked.

    • Club is requiring a $100.00 deposit from all members going to Toledo Bend by the March Mtg.

New Business

  • Ledaine asked all members to get involved to sign the petition posted in the LA sportsman to stop landowners from gating canals.

Launch Site Nominations

Nominated By Site Votes/Runoff

Wayne Des Allemands Under Bridge 12

Jeff R. Attackapas 5

Toe Northpass X

February Pairings

Feb. 13&14 Feb. 20&21

Benny & Lionel Jeff R. & Arthur

Toe & PeeWee Devin & Sonny

Doug & Droopy Jon & Jamie

Jody & Ricky Telly & Coach

Mitch & Wade Tyler & Andrew

Goat & Zane Wayne & Ladaine

Tommy Mike & Andy

Chris & Faron

Road Runner Bass Club

January 6, 2016


Goat & Toe cooked carrot stew for meeting.

Meeting called to order @ 7pm. President Arthur Murry presiding.

Member present:

Chris B. (Returning Member)






Jeff R.








Pee Wee







Board recommendations for 2016

Club Fees

  • 2016 Board of directors recommends increasing annual club dues to $150.00. A $15.00 increase.

  • Motion by Toe to accept boards recommendation to increase dues to $150.00.

  • Seconded by Jamie

  • Arthur calls for vote on Toe’s Motion.

  • Votes / 20 yes / 1 no

  • Arthur reminded members all club balances most be paid by June mtg.

2016 Tournament Schedule

  • Arthur brings Board of Directors proposed tournament dates to a vote.

January 23rd / 30th / accepted

Feb. 13&14 / 20th & 21st / accepted

March 12th / 19th / accepted

April (Toledo Bend) 7&8

May 14th / 21st accepted

June 18th / 25th accepted

July 23rd / 30th accepted

Aug. 13th / 20th accepted

Sept. 17th / 24th accepted

Oct. 22nd / 29th accepted

Nov. 12&13 / 19&20 accepted

Board 2016 rule recommendations:

  • Removal of rule 1c / accepted (consecutive launch site rule)

  • Removal of rule 2c / accepted (limits 6fish in member’s procession)

  • Wayne pointed out an error with rule 3b. He recommends amending rule to state pairing can occur at launch to share in expenses but weight totals will be scored separately.

  • Correct 6a to read that a club drawing will occur at the March meeting to pair club members going to Toledo Bend that have been unsuccessful in pairing with another club member. I the case of odd man that member is allowed to invite outsider to pair together for the Toledo Bend Tournament.

  • Coach motions to accept all the 2015 rules with the above removals, corrections and amendments 2016.

  • Seconded by Doug

  • Arthur brings Coach’s motion to a vote:

  • Unanimously accepted

Old Business

  • Top Six Review By Tommy Bourgeois

  • Placements 1st Tri Parish 36lbs / 2nd Road Runners 29lbs / 3rd Grandpoint

New Business

Arthur announced the return of Chris B. & Mitchell S. to our club and welcomed Zane Leblanc & Tyler Lacombe (wasn’t present) who seek to join club. They must fish 2 tournaments at $30.00 per tournament as guest. Membership election will occur after their second tournament is fished.

Launch Site Nominations:

Nominated By Launch Votes/Runoff

Jamie Adams 3

Tommy Attackapas 6 / 7

Benny Des Allemands (Public) 8 / 11

Toe Gibbson Bob’s 1


Jan. 23rd

Jon &Telly

Chris & Colby

Jan. 24th

Jeff R & Ledaine

Jan. 30th

Tyler & Douglas

Zane & Sonny

Devin & Mitchell

Coach & Peppy

Tommy & Lionel

Faron & Pee Wee

Wade & Jamie

Arthur & Benny

Jody & Andrew

Toe & Ricky

Mike & Goat

Wayne & Andy


2016 Officers

Arthur Murry President

Sonny Zeringue Vice President

Devin Roussel Treasurer

Jeff Bourgeois Secretary

Brent Lear Tournament Coordinator / Weigh Master

  • Jody Louque

  • Jon Deroche

  • Coach Lacombe

  • Andrew Duhe

  • Tommy Bourgeois (Alternate)

January 6, 2016

Board Meeting / Creole Restaurant


  • Set Annual Club Dues (Board recommends an increase of $15.00 to $150.00 per year.)

  • All outstanding club dues & Toledo Bend balances must be paid by the June meeting.

  • Review 2016 Tournament Schedule (Review and vote on Board’s recommendations.)

  • Review 2016 Club Rules (Board recommends the removal of the following rules: 1c (due to the high conditions predicted in the basin which will limit options this year) and 2c (not necessary rule 16 requires members to practice catch & release Jan-April the remaining months of 2016, catch release will be voluntary so if a member wants to keep his fish he may possess his legal limit May – Nov) and retail the rest of the 2015 rules.)

  • Old Business

  • New Business

  • January Launch Nominations

  • January Pairings

June 3, 2015 Minutes

Creole’ Café Restaurant Banquet Room

Meeting called to order at 7:15 by President Arthur Murry.

Arthur announced and thanked Tommy Bourgeois for Creole Café Restaurant providing the meat loaf, mashed potato & sweet pea dinner for tonight’s meeting.

Arthur called for a vote on Coach Lacombre’s membership to the club.

  • Unanimously accepted.

Secretary Jeff Bourgeois read the minutes from May’s meeting.

  • Tommy motioned to accepted minutes.

  • Unanimously accepted.

Arthur gave the Treasurer Report in Douglas McClung’s absence.

  • Club currently has a $4,510.19 balance in the club’s checking account.

  • All members are current with dues and Toledo Bend balances with the exception of Coach Lacombre’s pro-rated dues of $55.00 and one member with a $57.00 outstanding debt.

May Results

3rd Place Toe & Wade 13.35lbs

2nd Place Colby & Goat 13.84lbs

1st Place Arthur & Andy 14.17lbs

Big Bass Arthur 3.97lbs

2015’s 2nd big bass fund currently stands at $200.00/5.8lbs

Old Business

Tommy motioned to have Coach Lacombre sing the Lutcher Bulldog fight song at next month’s meeting.

  • Unanimously accepted

New Business

Tommy reminded everyone weigh-ins for June, July and August are 2pm and will return to 3pm in September.

June Launch Site Nominations


Coach Lacombre stated Tri-Parish Fishing Club selected Des Allemands and Grandpoint Fishing Club selected Delacroix for their June tournaments.

Tommy said people are reporting 18lbs stringers in the Bayou Black area but they are catching them in ponds. Which is off limits for our club.

Nominations Launch Votes/Runoff

Benny Bob’s Bayou Black (Gibbson LA) 2

Tommy Under Bridge Des Allemands 6/7

Toe Attackapas (Lake Verret) 4/5


June 20th June 27th

Jody & Ricky Jeff R & Goat

Andrew & Brent Faron & Goat

Jon & Wayne

Mike & Coach

Ledaine & Toe

Wade & PeeWee

Benny & Arthur

Peppy & Tommy

May 6, 2015

Creole House Restaurant Banquet Room

Meeting called to order at 7:30 by President Arthur Murry.

In the treasurer absence tonight Arthur Murry and Jody Louque will be collecting membership dues and Toledo Bend balances.

April Results

3rd Place Colby and Toe 16.57lbs

2nd Place Mike and Pee Wee 17.42lbs

1st Place Goat and Andy 17.79lbs

Big Bass Wayne 4.57lbs

New Business

  • Sonny reported he going to install a password on the club’s web page for the phone list and tournament schedule links for added security. Members not present at tonight’s meeting are asked to contact Sonny for the password.

  • Arthur thanked Tommy Bourgeois for allowing the club use of the Creole’ Restaurant’s banquet room for tonight’s meeting and permission to hold all future monthly meeting here. Members are asked to please park in the rear of the restaurant and use the rear entrance of the banquet room.

  • Tommy announced that a meal will provided at next month’s meeting and beer is $1.50 for St. James Parish members and $3.00 for outside parish members.

  • Arthur welcomed Coach Lacombre to tonight’s meeting. Coach competed in his first club tournament April 18th with Tommy Bourgeois. His membership will be voted on after he fishes a second tounament.

  • Arthur opened the floor for launch site nominations for the upcoming May tournament.

  • He also reminded everyone present that we can not nominate Des Allemands under hwy 90 bridge due to the new club rule that does not permit consecutive or back to back monthly launch sites.

Launch Nominations

Nominated By Launch Site Vote/Runoff

Wayne L. Somme’s Landing (Des Allemands) 7

Jody L. North Pass (Lake Maurepas) 3

Toe V. Bob’s Bayou Black (Gibbson) 3

  • To assure that Jon D. does not fish individually in consecutive months. Arthur will begin the May 23rd drawing with Jon’s pairing.

May Pairings

May 16th

Toe & Wayne

Coach Lacombre & Wade

May 17th

Jeff R.

May 23rd

Jon & Jody

Devin & Faron

Mike & Tommy

Pee Wee & Benny

Chris & Brent

Arthur & Andy

March 4, 2015

Longview Recreation

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm by President Arthur Murry.

Treasurer Douglas McClung reported club balance of $6,614.19

February Results

3rd Place Wade & Droopy 24.05lbs

2nd Place Tommy & Telly 25.86lbs

1st Place Benny & Jon 32.28lbs

Big Bass Wade 4.89lbs

Big Bass Fund #1 is currently valued at $200.00 with weight set at 5.3lbs after February.

Big Bass Fund #2 is currently valued at $200.00 with weight set at 6lbs after February.

Arthur reminded everyone that only one fund could be broken monthly.

Old Business

Toledo Bend

  • Douglas reported that 7 cabins were booked for March 22 – 28, 2015. He has assigned 4 per cabin. The cost for each member is approximately $44.00 to $45.00 per night.

  • Douglas recommends we vote on Toledo Bend’s 2016 dates at tonight’s meeting to expedite reservations with Bridge Bay.

  • Tommy agreed with Douglas’ proposal. He thought that the vote at last year’s Wednesday night meeting in Toledo Bend was very dysfunctional.

  • Motion by Pee Wee to vote April 3 – 9, 2016 has the club’s 2016 Toledo Bend trip.

Seconded By Benny

Arthur called for a vote on Pee Wee’s motion.

April 3-9, 2016 was unanimously accepted.

  • Motion by PeeWee to vote April 10 – 17, 2016 as the club’s alternative 2016 dates in case April 3-9, 2016 is not available.

Seconded by Sonny

Arthur called for a vote on Pee Wee’s second motion.

The alternative April 10-17 was unanimously accepted.

  • Arthur reminded everyone that a club meeting will be held Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 7pm in cabin 13.

On the agenda: Toledo Bend’s tournament fee and start & weigh-in times for Thursday and Friday.

  • Arthur will cook the annual club jambalaya Tuesday, March 24 for supper.

Colby Thompson

  • Arthur called for a vote on Colby Thompson’s club membership.

Colby’s membership was unanimously accepted.

New Business

  • Trinity Outdoors Tournament April 11, 2015

  • Claire’s Heart Tournament March 29, 2015

  • PeeWee gave a review of The River Parish A Teams Open Tournament that took place Feb. 21st.

  • Mike Deslatte announced a benefit lunch for Kevin Chabaud March 18th.

March 25, 2015

Cabin #13 / Toledo Bend

Arthur called meeting to order at 7pm.

On the agenda: tournament fee / start and weigh-in times for Thursday & Friday’s tournament

Sonny made a motion that the club set this year’s tournament fee at $25.00 per man.

Seconded by Ricky

Unanimously accepted

Nominations for start and weigh-in times for Thursday, March 26th:

Nominated by Time Votes

Droopy safelight to 7:30pm 3

Sonny safelight to 7:00pm 12

Mike safelight to 6:30pm 1

Nominations for start and weigh-in times for Friday, March 27th:

Nominated by Time Votes

Jon safelight to 6:00pm 9

Ledaine safelight to 6:30pm 6

Andrew safelight to 7:30pm 1

Thursday safelight to 7pm / Friday safelight to 6pm

Arthur confirmed that the club has made reservations with Bridge Bay for April 3-9, 2016.

Arthur wished everyone good luck and reminded everyone not to begin fishing until safelight and that all teams must be back at the campground for 7pm Thursday and 6pm Friday.

Roadrunner Bass Club

February 4, 2015


Meeting called to order at 7:09 presided by President Arthur Murry

Arthur thanked Toe for donating and cooking a pastalaya for for tonight’s meal.

Arthur waived the reading of January’s meeting.

Treasure Douglas reported that most club members are current with dues and Toledo Bend deposits payments.

Stated club will need $7500.00 to cover cabin rentals for Toledo Bend.

2015 payouts will remain as follows:

Single Day Tournaments: $100.00 1st place, $74.00 2nd place & $56.00 3rd place

Two Day Tournaments: $200.00 1st place, $148.00 2nd place & 112.00 3rd place

Big Bass:$30.00

January Results

3rd Place Telly & Pee Wee 21.12lbs

2nd Place Mike & Andy 21.26lbs

1st Place Tommy & Sonny 22.17lbs

Big Bass Toe 3.52lbs

Old Business

  • Douglas reported that currently we have 26 members making the trip to Toledo Bend. We will rent 6 cabins and assign 4 to each cabin. Club pairings and arrival times are required to be turned in to Douglas by the March 4th meeting.

  • Douglas will collect for the Toledo Bend daily big bass contest money of $2 per day at the March 4th meeting also.

  • Arthur Murry will cook a jambalaya for Tuesday night’s dinner in Toledo Bend. The club is donating the ingredients.

2015 Tournament Dates:

Feb. 21 & 22 or Feb. 28 & March 1

Arthur called for a vote on proposed dates. Accepted by 12 yes 5 no votes.

Apr. 11& 18

Arthur called for a vote on proposed dates. Accepted by 12 yes 5 no votes.

May 16 & 23 Accepted

June 20 & 27 Accepted

July 18 & 25 Accepted

Aug 22 & 29 Accepted

Sept. 12 & 19 Accepted

Oct. 17& 24 Accepted

Nov. 21 & 22 Nov. 28 & 29 Accepted

Arthur welcomed back Wade Bourgeois and Nuck Brignac to club in 2015. He also welcomed Colby Thompson to tonight’s meeting who is seeking to become a member of the club. His membership will be voted on after he has fished two tournaments as a guest.

New Business

Nominations of Launch Sites:

Nominated by Site Votes/Runoff

Telly Spillway Public 4

Tommy Bob’s Bayou Black 8/10

Benny Gaudet’s Lake Verret 1

Douglas Des Allemands Bridge 6/8

February Pairings:

Feb. 21& 22

Colby & Ledaine

Jeff Roussel

Feb. 28& March 1

Faron & Lionel

Benny & Jon

Mike & Arthur

Ricky & Toe

Telly & Jamie

Jody & Devin

Droopy & Wade

Tommy & Goat

Sonny & Nuck

Pee Wee & Brent

Andrew & Peppy

Wayne & Andy

January 2015

2015 Officers

Arthur Murry President

Sonny Zeringue Vice President

Douglas McClung Treasurer

Jeff Bourgeois Secretary

Brent Lear Tournament Coordinator

Board Members

  • Jody Louque

  • Jon Deroche

  • Devin Roussel

January 7, 2015

Meeting / Longview Recreation


  • 2015 Rules Review and Amendments

  • Club Dues and Payouts

  • Tournament Dates

  • Nominations of January Launch Sites

  • January Pairings

Meeting called to order by President Arthur Murry at 7:05 pm.

2015 Rules

2014 rules read by Arthur. Discussion, approval by those in attendance after each rule is read.

All 2014 rules were accepted with the exceptions of the following:

2015 Board members propose and amendment of 1c for 2015. Jon Deroche motions to insert rule 1c as recommended by the board stating:

  • No launch site can be voted back to back for consecutive tournament months.

  • Seconded By Devin Roussel

  • Votes 12 yes / 2 no

  • Amendment accepted

Benny Cashio motions to remove rule 2d stating:

  • The Crawford Canal and adjourning ponds and natural bayous are off limits in Bayou Black area.

  • Seconded Greg Veron

  • Votes 6 yes / 10 no

Tommy makes motion to for 2d to be edited to state:

  • The Crawford Canal and all adjoining ponds are off limits in the Bayou Black area.

  • Seconded Sonny Zeringue

  • Votes / Unanimously Accepted

2015 Board members propose and amendment of 3b for 2015. Jon Deroche motions to insert rule 3b as recommended by the board stating:

  • Once a tournament begins, no pairings can be altered. However members can fish together to share cost. Weight will be kept separate. This rule will apply to 2-day tournament only.

  • Mike Deslatte motions to accept rule edited as follows:

  • Pairing for a 2-day cannot be altered due to cancellation but will allow the individual to voluntarily pair with another in order to share expenses on the second day. Weight will remain separate.

  • Seconded by Benny Cashio

  • Votes / Unanimously Accepted

New Business

Arthur Murry is asking our membership to voluntarily comply with the following recommendations for 2015 that are not in the official rules:

  • Have the tournament coordinator and officers call in the safe light take-off time to each other when fishing an either-side launch.

  • Members that were forced to fish alone by the luck of the draw will be the first person pulled their pairing at the following month’s drawing.

  • Individuals abstain from monthly launch nominations or participation in the vote that he does not intent to fish.

Board recommends club dues remain at $135.00 for 2015.

  • Motion by Jon Deroche to accept their recommendation.

  • Seconded by Jeff Bourgeois

  • Unanimously Accepted

Payout guidelines will be tabled for February’s meeting due to the uncertainty of 2015’s membership. January 2015’s payouts will follow the 2014 guidelines until that vote.

Board recommends we set January 24 & 31 as its January tournament and table the vote for remaining months of 2015 at the February meeting.

  • Motion to accept this recommendation by Andy Deroche

  • Seconded by Sonny

  • Unanimously Accepted

Tommy Bourgeois gave report on the Dec. 27 top six tournament.

  • Road Runner’s came in 3rd place with 33lbs / Grandpoint came in 2nd place with 36lbs / Tri Parish came in 1st place with 39 lbs

  • Tommy Bourgeois had Big Bass with 4.17lbs

  • All the fish was release by Joey Zimmer.

  • Belle river public landing was the launch site.

  • Weigh-in was at the Creole House Café.

  • Creole House donated a Chicken Gumbo for the contestants.

Tommy Bourgeois made an announcement of the coming open tournaments in our area.

  • Fishing for Tucker Feb 7

  • MS Tournament Feb. 21

  • Children Miracle Mar. 7

  • LA Sportsman Mar. 15

  • Claire’s Heart Mar. 29

  • Trinity Outdoors Apr. 11

Goat announced he is planning to bring back the Tuesday evening tournaments at Blind River this year. There will be a $25.00 per boat fee and tournament hours will be 5-8pm.

Arthur announced the return of Wade Bourgeois to the club and welcome two new members Mike Fountain (Friend of Goat) and Colby Thompson (Nephew of Telly Leblanc).

January Tournament Nominations

Launch Site Nominated By Votes/ Runoff

Adams Ricky B. 11

Bob’s Bayou Black Benny C. 2

Des Allemands Bridge Jon D. 5


January 24 January 31

Mike F. & Ledaine Wayne & Peppy

Colby & Brent Lionel & Toe

Goat & Wade

January 25 Pee Wee & Telly

Jeff R. & Benny Sonny & Tommy

Doug & Faron

Droopy & Andrew

Andy & Mike D.

Devin & Jon

Jody & Arthur